Dress Code

We pride ourselves on being a modern Golf Club, which respects tradition but also has a very forward looking approach.

We expect all our Members, visitors and guests to maintain a smart standard of dress whether on the course or in the Clubhouse.

Clubhouse Policy
  • Appropriate Golfing attire is required at all times in Moyvalley Golf Club.
  • Cycling outfits, non-tailored shorts, branded team jerseys, hoodies, torn jeans and runners are not permitted.
  • The Club reserves the right to refuse access to the Clubhouse/Course to anyone deemed to be dressed inappropriately.
  • Children must be under full supervision at all times.
  • Trainers are allowed in the Clubhouse

Mobile Phones

Mobile phone calls may be made or taken within the car park, outside the main entrance to the Clubhouse and on the patio area. Calls may be made on the courses in an emergency. Silent browsing, texts and e-mails are permitted within the Clubhouse.

Smoking, including e-cigarettes, is not permitted in any part of the Clubhouse.